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Making Your Transition Seamless

Let Golden Hearts help you with donating, selling, or consigning your furniture and other items before listing your house for sale. Located in Winter Park, Florida, our personal move managers will aid you as you move from your old community to a new one by managing various tasks for you. These include overseeing the cancellation and reconnection of utilities as well as notifying the post office about your relocation.

We also offer aging in place solutions for those who choose to remain in their family home or current residence. If you want your home to be refurbished, simply tell us the details and your requests, and we’ll get it done for you. 

What We Offer

Personal Moving Consultant

We’ll provide you with your personal consultant—an experienced professional who focuses on all the details of your move.

Floor Plan

To work with you in laying out your belongings, we will obtain a floor plan of your new residence.

Organize, Sort, and Declutter

Offering advice, structure, and hands-on help, we’ll guide you through the downsizing process of your home. We’ll help separate items going with you from those you want to sell, donate, or discard. This way, you can say money on your move and even reduce stress.

Arrange and Coordinate Movers and Shipping

As your concierge, we can recommend, schedule, and coordinate movers. Our team works with small shipment specialists to identify the most economical way of sending small loads to family members throughout the country. Most importantly, we’ll help you look at big-picture issues to create the best experience for you. We can confirm all details for your moving day, including the following:

  • Date
  • Time

  • Crew Size
  • Stops

  • Loading Dock
  • Elevator Availability

Pack, Unpack, and Resettle

Recreate the look and feel of your current home with our help. We can professionally pack all of your belongings, using digital photos and careful labeling to make sure that everything’s right. Once we are done, you can expect that your bed is made, your kitchen is set up, electronics are connected, and every carton and piece of packing paper has been removed.

Sell Your Belongings

All unneeded items can be arranged for profitable sale through a network of antiques dealers, estate liquidators, and eBay sales specialists. These professionals must be able to provide buy-out, auction, consign, and conduct internet sales.

Coordinate Donations

We can pack the items you’re willing to donate, and coordinate with the local charities for pick up. A detailed list of donations will be provided for your tax records, including IRS recommendations for value.

Paper Sorting

Our professional organizers can help sort through mail, medical bills, and other such papers.


We’ll take your confidential documents and have them destroyed. After this, we will also provide you with a Certificate of Destruction

Other Services

  • Aging in Place Assessments

  • Home Modifications